What can you see and do in a week in Sardinia? Here are some examples of excursions to last you 6 days, travel days not included. Our guests Marie and Roy, a Swedish couple, visited us for a week in October. They stayed Saturday to Saturday. With a rental car, and no specific times set, they discovered the island on their own schedule. Here is their vacation journal Sunday to Friday. All of their excursions they did with Mogorella as home base.

We hope this will be some inspiration for your next holiday week in Sardinia!


We started off with Sini – Here you can find a really old olive tree in Parco Millenario degli Ulivi. On the way up to the church there was a magical view. We took a really small road from Villaurbana to the straight road outside of Tiria – Marrubio – Terralba – Arborea – Santa Giusta – Oristano – Cabras – Tharros. We visited the ruins in Tharros. After that we turned left at Stagno di Cabras to Rioala Sardo – and stopped to buy some lunch. From Riola Sardo we continued to Baratili San Pietro – Zeddaiani – Simaxis and then the usual road (Strada Principale 35) back to Mogorella.


Road trip in the mountains, Usellus, Assomo, Senis, Nureci, we stopped in Laconi – the first saint of Sardinia was from here: Sant Ignazio.

We continued to Aritzo, Tonara, Tiana, Ovodda, Fonni (the highest located village on the island), Mamoiada and Nuoro – here we visited the cathedral Maria Della Neve. It was certainly worth it and it was really beautiful inside. Going back we took the freeway to Oristano for some shopping, and then Simaxis, Siamanna, Villaurbana, and back to Mogorella.


Insanely beautiful tour: Mogorella, Usellus, Escovedu, Ales, Uras, San Nicolo d’Arcidano, Guspini and Arbus. We stopped at the beach S Nicolao south of Portixeddu, Buggeru and due to road works we ended up in Cala Domestica – a really cool place with a hole in the mountain that leads to a beach. We drove back through Buggeru and S Nicolao, Fluminimaggiore, road 126 to Iglesias where we had coffee, and went for a stroll in the beautiful town. The road home went by way of Sillqua, Vallermosa, Samassi, Sanluri, freeway SS 131 till Uras, Ales, Usellus and Mogorella.


SS 131 till Macomer, we passed Sassari, porto Torres, Stintino, we stopped in La Pelosa, where we had some sun and a swim. We stopped in Stintino, it was a nice little fishing village. We drove south past Sassari and took the road towards Olbia for a bit and stopped at Basilica Della Santissima Trinita di Saccargia – a cool church, and then straight back home to Mogorella, where we went to dinner at the agriturismo le Querce with our hosts.


We drove through Zeddaiani, Riola Sardo, Torre del Pozzo. We stopped to look at the view from a cliff. Then we continued to Cuglieri, Tresnura, Ges, Modolo, Villaggio Turas, Bosa Marina, Bosa. Bosa is a fantastic town! We drove back through Sindia, shortly before Macomer, we turned right to San Leonardo, Santo Lussurgiu, Bonarcado, Milis, Zeddaiani, Oristano and Mogorella. In the evening we had dinner with the Murgia family.


We took the shortest route to Cagliari, had a coffe in the harbour and walked around in the city centre. The Cattedrale di Cagliari was a truly magnificent cathedral. We drove to Poetto, strolled along the whole beach – beautiful! On the way back we stopped at Su Nuraxi, the nuraghe complex in Barumini. From there you can also see the Nuraghe di Genna Maria.

All the photos in this article are by Anna Murgia, all but the dinner pictures were taken on other occasions than during Marie’s and Roy’s specific week in Sardinia.