Mogorella is a small secluded village in the midst of the Sardinian inland. There is not an abundance of restaurants close by, so you need to be prepared to cook for yourself at least for a few days out of your stay. But the restaurants you can find in the area are almost all magnificent! So make sure you try at least a few them! Here are our favorite places, and the first one is “almost” walking distance.

Le Querce

Le Querce is an agriturismo, run by Bernadetta and Gianni. Bernadetta cooks all the food herself and basically all ingredients are produced on the farm. Off season you can very well be alone in the dining room, but still get the same warm welcome and magnificent service. During high season the dining room is crowded, with locals and tourists alike. You decide if you want to come for lunch or dinner. Either way you will experience a fantastic traditional Sardinian meal with several courses from antipasti (starter), several kinds of pasta, meat and vegetables, to dolce and digestivi (dessert and liqueur that will help with digestion!). If this is your lunch, you probably will not need to eat dinner. 😉

Le Querce is just outside Mogorella, 2 km down the mountain. You will see a yellow sign at right the side of the road, just were you are supposed to turn left, if you come from Mogorella. It’s a half our walk or a five minute drive.

Booking in advance is recommended. Opening hours may vary.

Agriturismo Archelao

Agriturismo Archelao is run by Sandro Dessi. It is a lot bigger than Le Querce, but still warm and welcoming. Here you can chose to “just” have a meal, or book a tour of the farm, visit the animals and even make your own ricotta cheese!

Here too you can choose a traditional Sardinian meal with many courses, served at the table or as a buffet. It will be equally delicious either way, but the buffet costs a little less. Here too the majority of the ingredients are produced on the farm.

Agriturismo Archelao is located in Simaxis, about 20 minutes’ drive from Mogorella.

Booking in advance is recommended.


Ales in a small town about 20 minute’s drive from Mogorella and it is both charming and beautiful. Here is both the school district’s head office and the local hospital located. They also have a wonderful market on Mondays, where you can find anything from fruit and vegetables, to flowers, clothes and kitchen appliances.

Ristorante Abas is located in the centre of Ales and has a large outside dining area and serve excellent meat and fish.

Booking in advance is recommended, but if you don’t want to call they actually answer their e-mail! A not too common trait in Italian business, in my experience! 😜

Sa Scolla

Our last recommendation is Sa Scolla in Baradili

Baradili is the smallest comune (municipality) in Sardinia, with less than 100 inhabitants – in June 2019 the number was actually down to 78 – and their birthrate is practically zero. Famous for being the smallest comune on the island and one of the least inhabited in Italy, its traditions and natural and archaeological treasures are well preserved. The region supports the village in many ways, and here is both a public outdoor swimming pool and a School for Pizzaioli (pizza makers). Sa Scolla (“the school” in Sardo, the Sardinian language, that was spoken on the island long before it became Italian) also hosts a restaurant with some of the best pizzas I have ever tasted! And they have gluten free options, both for the pizza and the beer!

Sa Scolla is located in Baradili, about 20 minutes’ drive south from Mogorella.

Booking in advance is recommended.

Some of the staff speak excellent English.